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Brain Trust University

The mission of Brain Trust University is to provide free lifelong learning and low cost, high quality, accredited degree programs to our membership. We have programs to help individuals and businesses with:

Implmenting a low cost education program

Employee Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling

Student Internships for college students

Mentoring students skipping college and directly entering the workforce

Getting Micro Degrees to recognize specific knowledge areas

Grouping Micro Degrees in series to achieve accredited 2 and 4 year degrees

Developing internal training programs

Working with other businesses on shared problems and projects

Developing employee certifications that are ANSI and ASTM compliant

Professional Development and Tracking CEUs

Providing low cost Transition Benefits for furloughs and layoffs

Keeping lifelong learning efforts organized and accessible regardless of institution or employer.

Our approach is unique and effective. Our course catalogue contains free classes and we promote free education. We don’t make courses, sell courses, or re-sell other peoples courses. We believe in free education and there are plenty of quality courses from reputable organizations, including, universities, nonprofits, private enterprise, and more. Students at Brain Trust University work with real business people including coaches, mentors, experts and peers to develop customized learning paths specific to the needs of business and interests of the student.

Brain Trust University Student Profile

What is a Brain Trust?

A group of advisers that provide advice to someone about what should be done. Our Brain Trust includes senior level executives, business coaches, experts, mentors, and peers that help students design their educational pathway and assess student performance. Advisors are primarily focused on helping Brain Trust University students plan and achieve their educational objectives based on a work role, knowledge, skills, and abilities perspective.

What Do We Do?

We provide a centralized platform (BT Campus) for lifelong learning and career development. This enables all learners to take quality courses, keep lifelong educational notes and records in a single location, as well as get credit for their educational work throughout their professional lives – and apply for degrees. BT Campus contains one of the largest, if not the  largest, collection of free courses available for online learning. Our library contains over 10,000+ courses, most are free.

We also provide an optional assessment and accreditation service for businesses and career minded professionals.

Get It Done With Your Team at BTU

Our goal is to re-imagine higher education from the employer perspective and challenge traditional mindsets of measuring and rewarding achievement.

10,000+ free Courses

Take courses on most platforms like Google, Microsoft, coursera, edX, YouTube and more.

Design your own learning path

Work together with your Employer, BT Coach, or Mentor to design the learning path that is right for you. Create your path to unique and individual topic specialization.

Work with the Business Community to Upskill or achieve your Degree

Align your goals and network with others. Tap into our Brain Trust to maximize your exposure and credibility.

Easily Present your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to Employers

 The BT Campus platform enables students to organize their educational progress and outcomes in a way that encourages sharing. Our unique BT Framework is designed to give students a revolutionary guideline to capture the most relevant information they study and highlight how it enhances their role or career goals. 


Brain Trust University is a private group of business members that sets it’s own standards for business education requirements. We measure credit hours based on the definition contained in US 34 CFR part 600.2 to provide consistency with traditional higher education institutions in recognizing the amount of work required to achieve post secondary education degrees. We do not offer courses. Students take courses at Microsoft, Google, edX, coursera, universities, YouTube, and even make their own courses. Therefore, we are not accredited by any of the organizations listed by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation directory. We are an exempt private occupational university. For certifications and accreditations we follow the standards set by ANSI, ASTM, ISO, IACET, and NIST. We assess educational performance and accredit that our students education is meeting the needs of business as defined by our Brain Trust membership. We award degrees based on the same credit hour time requirements used by traditional higher education.

Work with your team to Build a Better Education

All of this adds up to an opportunity for businesses, their business partners, and employees, to create clearer paths of learning. With the support of our executive mentors and business coaches, you and your team can access education and tailor it to suit your needs. 

The Result

Our Approach allows students to access a huge course catalog from multiple reputable providers and utilize a single platform to manage the life long education journey, which is demonstrable to employers via the students virtual Studio at Brain Trust University. The private Studio at Brain Trust University contains the complete education notes, certificates, and optional degrees. The students’ education is supported by demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities that qualify employees for work roles and positions.

Getting Your Education Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive.

We provide a centralized learning experience with a customizable education studio for you to record and demonstrate your knowledge, skills and abilities . We include a substantial quality course catalog, an Online Café, and a Freelance Marketplace. For those seeking formalized degree recognition you will get access to coaches, mentors, experts and peers to build your education team and help you achieve micro or more advanced degree recognition. Membership starts at $10 per month – see the pricing page for complete details.

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"I got furloughed which just turned into a layoff. Everything has changed. My employer gave me nice transition plan at Brain Trust University which will help me demonstrate the new skills I need in this new reality."

– Ali McStone

Brain Trust University 444 Program

"I dropped my expensive brick and mortar EDU and got a full time job. Now I'm on the BTU 444 program. I have a job. I earn specialty Micro Degrees every 4 months. I should graduate with my 4 year degree right on schedule - and I'll have 4 years work experience. Hopefully, I'll have a pile of money in crypto, stocks, and the bank!"

– Scott

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