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How it Works at Brain Trust U.


Brain Trust University is 100% online and all of the courses, classes, and meetings are online. Our campus is named BT Campus and it is located at https://btcampus.com

Join Our Network

Join BT Campus and learn more about Brain Trust University and our social learning platform. Once you are a member, you’ll meet other interesting people, some of whom may join your education team.

Student Studio & Dashboard

Keep track of your education in a single location – your studio at Brain Trust University. Your Studio at BTU comes with 5 GB of strorage for your class notes and resources.

Education Team

Each Studio at BTU has a private team site for your BT Coach Mentors, and peers to work together with you in your self guided learning experience.

Have fun and meet others at the Café

Need a break from your studies? The BT Cafe is another place to network and make some new friendships. It is the hotspot for the latest news and happenings on campus. Share music and fun videos or check out whats cooking in the culinary institute.

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The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

To keep your learning organized and sharable. Start earning a degree today.


Content Management

Manage your classes, keep your notes and resourses in one place.

BT Framework

A simple tool to highlight your knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

Community Commitment

We encourage all of our students, and staff to volunteer. We believe in paying it forward for future generations.

Human Connections

Your social platform for education.

Project Management

Get education credit for those projects you are working on.

Upskill for greater opportunity

Use learning paths to gain specialization skills that will increase your earning potential.

"I am very impressed with the support I am recieving through Brain Trust University. When I started as a student I had just lost my job and had no idea what I was going to do next. The coaches at BT Campus helped me focus my interest and create a learning path that is in line with my goal of starting my own business as a personal trainer."

– Marcus Gonzalez

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